The Textura Classics are a series of 19th century gothic novels designed to take a fresh, sophisticated approach to the graphic treatment of these works. Using a textura typeface and immense swaths of black both inside and out, the books evoke the dark, unsettling and claustrophic atmospheres of the stories they house.
The covers were laser printed in black onto black paper to achieve their dark but legible appearance.
The toner on black paper provides a sheen that allows the text to appear and disappear from various viewing angles.
Dracula Full Cover Layout
Frankenstein Full Cover Layout
The Picture of Dorian Gray Full Cover Layout
The cover's dramatic black-on-black style carries onto the book's interior, where a similar darkness recurs both in the title page and in entirely black spreads which envelop the story at the beginning and end.
The book interiors are typeset in Eldorado, an oldstyle typeface that evokes the historical quality of the novels.
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