Atticus Typeface Posters: Two series of posters displaying a typeface of my own design.
Embroidered Poster: Using the lyrics from Rob Thomas' song "Little Wonders", I chose to embroider a hand-lettered design. The medium was chosen to reflect the idea of small hours—the quiet, uneventful time that often goes unappreciated. As a labour-intensive, time-consuming practice typically downgraded from the concept of "art" as a "craft" instead, embroidery is a natural fit, and as the final version over 12 hours to produce from the transferring of the design to the board to the stitching itself, the piece bore witness to my own small hours as I worked on it while watching TV, listening to music, and talking with friends. 
Typeface List Poster: A poster designed to showcase a handful of selected typefaces. I opted to include five typefaces that vary significantly from one another and can work together, in order to create a go-to mini library that can serve as the starting point for many projects. Each typeface is represented by its name, foundry, a brief description and a type sample, organized according to date designed. 
Unit Variations Poster: Documenting 50 different paper sculptures, each created as a vector illustration for inclusion in the design.
Schrödinger's Poster: Design created for a fictional event discussing the Copenhagen Interpretation. I chose to play off of the related (and rather famous) Schrödinger's Cat thought experiment by creating a pair of posters rather than just one, which use the same word shape to spell out "dead" and "alive" respectively, depending on which parts of the letterforms are highlighted. The concept was that both posters would be hung around the areas promoting the event, so that a viewer would see one, and likely encounter its twin shortly thereafter. 
Create Poster: The objective of this project was to create an icon design representative of the assigned words (in this case, "Pen" and "Energize") by combining two visuals into one image. Here, a lightning bolt takes the place of the pen's ink shaft, representing the energy involved in the act of creating.
Quote Poster Series: A collection of poster designs, each based on the favourite quote of a handful of my closest friends. 
Poster for OCAD University advertising a student exhibition of typographic work
Custom quote poster
North York Women's Shelter SHEro Award Poster
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