For the Calgary Airport Authority's annual series of reports for 2021, the objective was to create a suite of documents that would reflect the optimism and resilience of the CAA as pandemic flight impacts began to ease. This included an Annual Report, Financial Report, and Environmental, Social & Corporate Governance Report (all in both English & French versions), as well as a presentation deck for the Annual General Meeting.

The report series makes use of the CAA's established patterns and shapes, colours and photography in a brand new complex, dynamic layout that shifts from page to page in a significant departure from the more whitepaper style of their previous reports. It expands their small icon library with several dozen new icons to illustrate key points on each page, and clearly demarcates each section of the Annual Report with a different one of the CAA's three brand colours and their corresponding geometric patterns. The result is a less dense, more skimmable document that is approachable to a wider audience. 
View the full annual report below.
View the full financial report below.
View the full ESG report below.
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