Hello, there!
    My name is Alison, and I’m a twenty year-old graphic designer, design student, typophile and bookworm from Toronto. The short version? I like words—a lot, and designing with them is my specialty. I have completed projects ranging from custom wedding invitations to corporate identity, one-off posters to entire brands, and each is its own kind of adventure.

    I'm a bit of an artistic cliché, in that I've been immersing myself in the creative field since before I can remember. It's possible my peak came around age 4, when I developed a short-lived ambidexterity to cope with a sore hand and unwillingness to put the crayon down, but I'd like to think I've improved since then.
    My design career really began in my sophomore year of high school, in the form of Room 226, TGJ201: Communication Technology. Sure, I had a rather distracting group of friends in the class and a teacher who let us get away with too much, but I also had Adobe Illustrator, and I was fascinated. I'd never quite grasped just how all the graphics you see every day were made. Suddenly, I knew. And I knew I wanted to do it. 
    Awards & Certifications
    RGD Social Good Design Award
    Adobe Design Achievement Awards Semi-Finalist

    Specialist High Skills Major in Digital Design & Production
    1st Place Graphic Design at the 2011 Ontario Technological Skills Competition (High School Level)

    Adobe Certified Associate in Visual Communication using Adobe Photoshop CS4
    1st Place Graphic Design at the 2010 Ontario Technological Skills Competition (High School Level)

    2nd Place Graphic Design at the 2009 Fleming College Regional Skills Competition (High School Level)
    OCAD University, Bachelor of Design
    Major in Graphic Design, Minor in English
    September 2011–June 2015