• A nineteen year-old designer from Canada, I've completed projects from custom wedding invitations to corporate identity. (I'm led to believe it beats flipping burgers.) Alongside working toward my Bachelor of Design, I've dedicated myself to continuous growth and quality in my design. You can check out some of my past projects in the work gallery here on the site. 

    An artistic cliché, I've been im
    mersing myself in the creative field since before I can remember. It's possible my peak came around age 4, when I developed a short-lived ambidexterity to cope with a sore hand and unwillingness to put the crayon down, but I'd like to think I've improved since then. Having tried about every variety of fine art you can name, the real turning point came in my sophomore year of high school, in the form of Room 226, TGJ201: Communication Technology. Sure, I had a rather distracting group of friends in the class and a teacher who let us get away with too much, but I also had Adobe Illustrator, and I was fascinated. I'd never quite grasped just how all the graphics you see every day were made. Suddenly, I knew. And I knew I wanted to do it.

    Since then, I haven't looked back. In May of 2009, a brand identity design won me second place in a regional skills competition, followed in 2010 by a series of promotional materials earning me the gold medal in Graphic Design in the provincial-level competition, Skills Ontario. In 2011, I returned to defend the title, earning my second gold medal. Logic tells me you can only go down from there, but I'm willing to put up a good fight. Care to join me?